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Crazy new school shape from Outer Space

The U.F.O. is a next generation hybrid board with total performance capabilities!! The extra wide nose and tail dimensions maximises this boards planing area while keeping the overall length down. The upshot of this is you have a shortboard that paddles and catches waves like a fish but because the design gives the board straighter rails, you have a super fast, responsive performer under your feet that knifes through even the most critical turns with ease.


The UFO has a blended single concave channel bottom with generous vee through the fins and out the swallows. It comes with a 4 or 5 fin setup.



This board will suit any surfer who wants to take their surfing up a level whilst still having all the benefits of hybrid volume!!



Available in sizes from 5'6" through to 7'


PRICE : start from £459.00

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